Friends and Rescources

New Hampshire Coalition for the Support of Service Dogs

We are a nonprofit organization created to help service dog owners provide their working service dogs with the best quality of life possible. At NHCSSD, we focus on outreach and awareness, providing support to service dog owners while educating businesses, landlords, and the general public.


Sato Heart Rescue | New Hampshire

The Sato Heart Rescue, of Milford, NH, is a small group of dedicated individuals in the Hillsborough County area who work exclusively with the Second Chance Animal Rescue, in Villalba, Puerto Rico, to find homes for Satos.

‚Äč“Sato” (pronounced “saw-toe“) is Puerto Rican slang for street/stray dogs.


Kitty Angels - NH and MA

Kitty Angels is a no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned cats, furnishing them with treatment for injuries or other health problems, and placing them into life-long, loving homes with compatible owners.


Monadnock Humane Society - New Hampshire 

Since 1875, Monadnock Humane Society (MHS) has nurtured the well-being of animals and their human companions. We provide education, programs, and services that create a healthier, more compassionate community for all.